Our Services
SOTUMAR SHIPPING SERVICES Company offers several types of services to its customers according to their needs and requirements, they are briefly listed below:

    Ship’s agent operating in all Lybian ports
    Attends to all types of vessels & cargoes (Ro/Ro, Passengers, General Cargo, Tankers, Containers).
  • Freight Forwarding .
  • Cargo Consolidation/ Packaging/ Distribution.
  • Custom Clearance.
  • Land Transport.
  • Warehousing.
  • Bunker Supplies
  • Ship’s Supply Services (foods, ships spare parts by airfreight, crew changes/repatriation / assistance etc...).
  • Chartering
  • Household and removal-personal effects (by air, sea and trucks).
  • Project cargo.
  • Air Freight. ¬†